Monday, October 5, 2015

Don't be a Jerk

Yesterday I ran in the Destin Rodeo 5k and meet the biggest jerk ever.  I thought I would write about it so that you know what not to do during a race. 

The race was an out and back and finshed with a right turn then 20 yards to the finish. I am not sure of his name but we will call him Jerk. Jerk finished then came back to the turn to take pictures of his wife who is the lead female.  She makes the turn to the finish then Jerk proceeds to step out into the middle of the turn to take a picture of her run in. I tell him to get out of the way as I am making the turn and have to go around him.  Immediately after I finish he comes over with his wife. I am expecting him to apologize but instead he tells me something to the effect of "I would be different if I ran a time that matters."  Needless to say that at this point I had a few things to say to him as well.  She was polite enough to apologize for him. 

Lessons to learn from this: 
1 pay attention to the runners on the course
2 if you have a fast wife take pictures of her face instead of blocking runners coming up behind her. 
3 if you want to recover from a 5k really fast go tell Jerk to say something stupid as you finish. It will get your adrenaline really pumping. 
4 don't be a jerk 

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