Sunday, September 15, 2013

Super Heros

So, today I was running on Monte Sano trails with Alex Clark.  The weather was great, a nice breeze and temperatures in the 60's.  We were just getting in a long easy day when we decided we were going to be like Spiderman.  What better place to attempt this than in the woods with ten million spiders.  You would think that they would be respectful of our trails and make their webs between trees that did not cross the path we were on. 

If your not a trail runner you may have never experienced this, but just picture your running along and all the sudden you see this rap around your face and head.

 The next thing you do is start swatting at your head to get the spider off.  Sure enough his brother built another bigger web 5 ft away that you also run into.  You can try running with a stick and it will help some, but I think the spiders see you coming then build a web between you and your stick.
After taking turns in the front breaking the webs with our faces we were covered with small fragments of super strong silk.  You would think that during all this we would become like Peter Parker and have super human strength.  Instead, today was a bad day, there was no motivation or energy in either one of us.  I will use the excuse that all the webs zapped our energy but who knows.  The truth of it, is to be a super hero you have to spend time training like a super hero.  Which means you have to spend time working out when others wouldn't.  Whether that is running in the rain, heat, cold or spiders for that matter.  Even then there will be another person that just has more natural talent than you.  So give up on trying to be a super hero and just get out there and have fun. 
*****Disclaimer - I am in no way a super hero, I am just too dumb to let someone tell me that I can't do something. 
*****Disclaimer 2 - For total transparency, I am not an expert on spiders or Spiderman.  In fact if you know me well you know that I am a big baby when it comes to bugs crawling on me.