Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Skechers GOrun Ultra Review

So now that I am on my third pair of Skechers GOrun Ultras, I figured it is time to do a review.  To start let me say that I am a neutral runner and have had issues with Morton's Neuroma over the past several years.  In March, I had surgery to remove the nerve related to the neuroma and since then have opted for running shoes with more cushioning.  I started wearing the Sketchers in February of this year and in that time I have logged ~900 miles over three pairs.  During this time I have done the following races: McKay Hollow 25k (technical trails),  Black Warrior 50k (MUD!), Coldwater Mountain 50k (100 degree temps), Barkley Fall Classic 50k (no explanation needed),  as well as several 5k cross country races and a few 5k to 1/2 marathon road races.   I have started using these shoes for all my training and racing whether on the road or trails.

The pros:
  • Cushioning
  • Wide toe box
  • Overall fit - true to size
  • The shoe laces -the flat laces never come un-tied
  • Did I already say the CUSHIONING
  • Wide tread pattern does not seem to excessively pick up debris
  • Price - about 20-30% less than most of my other shoes
The cons:
  • Wear - when running on the roads the shoes wear faster (see pictures below) it does not seem to effect the cushioning on the roads but go back to the trails and you start to feel the rocks.  This is only after excessive wear.
  • Other reviews talk about the stability or rolling of the foot on trails.  I did not find this as a problem.  I did lace through the very top hole to tighten the shoe up a little more because when I first wore them I thought this was an issue.  I do not feel that way any more. 
  • I had one shoe separate where the upper connects to the sole in one small area.  (see picture)  I do have to say that this pair took the most beating with water, mud, and technical trails.  This did not seem to affect the fit.  I wore them for quite a while after noticing the tear.
  • I have had issues occasionally with the insole on my two older pairs.  When I accidently kick a rock/root I have had the insole curl up under my toes.  It happened several times and once I had to take the shoe off to fix it.  If you don't run technical trails this probably would not happen or if I picked up my feet. 
All in all, if you are looking for an excellent shoe that has tons of cushioning and is affordable this is the shoe for you!  I have bought new pairs at around 300 miles but continue to wear the old pairs on the road.  The newest pair has not seem to wear as bad but I have been on trails a lot more lately.  I seem to replace them a little more often than some of my other shoes but with the lower price I do not mind this.  Don't let the cons I listed scare you, I tried to explain my particular problems.  None of them would keep me from buying another pair.

 Small separation between upper & sole after lots of wear.
Wear patterns on all three pairs from oldest on left to newest on right.
It's hard to see but the ball of the foot and lower left on heel have the most wear from the way I run.
So now that you have finished reading this go to Fleet Feet, get a pair and hit the trails!!!