Saturday, January 11, 2014


So here it is Jan 11, 2014.  I created this blog so that I would have another medium for keeping track of things and sharing them with the world.  Well, I have not done a good job of it.  In 2013 I had several things to be thankful for but the most important is my family.  Christian and Anna are growing up so fast and are great kids.  Christian played freshman football this year and it was exciting watching the games.  Anna cheered for the Little Bucks as well which meant we were going to 3 football games a week CJ's, Anna's then the varsity games.  As far as racing this year, some of the best races were the ones that I ran with Christian and Michelle.  Michelle has surprised me with the running that she has done this year.  Especially the 1/2 marathon in November on hardly any training.  I will do a better job of keeping everyone up to date this year.