Sunday, June 8, 2014

Adrenaline Rush

Today I was running in the woods on Monte Sano.  Focused on the rain soaked trail, just another training day.  This time of year not as many people use the trails so they get over grown and you have to watch for all types of critters.  Todays sightings included centipedes, a box turtle, a bunch of spiders and a couple of deer.  You would think the adrenaline rush would come from floating along the trail not even feeling the ground beneath your feet.  Nope, that did not happen today.  You might think it would happen as I am walking next to a beautiful waterfall and my feet slip out from under me then I roll across the hard rocks below as the water flows over me.  Nope, while that did happen it did not cause the adrenaline rush.  It just plain hurt!  So you may be asking yourself what could cause it?  Well, I was running along and all the sudden about 20 feet away, just behind me over my left shoulder,  the loudest commotion I have ever heard in the woods.  It was way too loud to be a group of deer.  I immediately stopped and turned around in a panic, then I realized a large tree branch had fallen just off the trail.  Yes this was the adrenaline rush, if you want to call it that.  It made me think of Cary Long, I had to check my shorts to make sure I didn't panic too much.  It startled me so much I decided to walk for a second.  Maybe it wasn't an adrenaline rush after all and it was just fear.  Who knows?

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